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Uncaria gambir medicinal uses for health benefits

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Uncaria gambir medicinal uses for health benefits
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Uncaria gambir medicinal uses for health benefits - Here are some of the properties and the amount of Gambir Gambir, Gambir usability is a kind of dried sap derived from extracts squeeze the leaves and twigs of plants with the same name (Uncaria gambier Roxb). Benefits Gambir in Indonesia is mostly used in chewing. Usability is more important as a tanner and dyes. The content of Gambir also contains catechins (catechin), a natural ingredient that are antioxidants. India imports 68% gambier from Indonesia, and use it as a mixture of chewing.
main uncaria gambir uses is as a component of chewing, which is already known to the public archipelago, from Sumatra to Papua since at least 2500 years ago. Unknown, Gambier stimulates bile that help smooth the process in the stomach and intestines. Another function is as a mixture of drugs, such as burns, migraine headaches, diarrhea, dysentery medicine, gargle mouthwash, mouth ulcer drugs, as well as skin pain medication (massaged); tanners; and dye textiles.
Functions that are being developed as well as glue plywood or particle board. This product still has to compete with other sources of wood adhesives, such as the bark of Acacia mearnsii, balansa Schinopsis wood, and leather pods Caesalpinia spinosa produced by other countries.
Benefits of Uncaria Gambir for Health
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The content of Gambir Plant

The Main content of gambir Plant and also contained by many other members of Uncaria are flavonoids (especially gambiriin), catechins (up 51%), tanning substances (22-50%), as well as a number of alkaloids (such as gambirtannin and oxo derivatives and its dihidro- . [2] In addition gambir used modern medicines, produced by Germany, as well as coloring paints, clothing.

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