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WoHoo Amazing Health Benefits of Mahogany Tree to Treat Diabetes

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Health Benefits of Mahogany Tree to Treat Diabetes
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Mahogany plants are annual plants that often we encoumter, this plant is unusual in planting roadside, a large annual plants and dense shade is often used to heat the street and as a city of green plants. This plant also grows wild in the forest-forest, orchards and anywhere.

Glance crossed mahogany is an annual plant commonplace as in other plants, teak, wood sengon etc. Trees that have become a comon sight in urban areas, and the areas that become traffic public / forests and plantations, Mahogany tree has so many benefits to treat diabetes.

Health Benefits of Mahogany Tree to Treat Diabetes

Company furniture has leveraged the quality of wood (trees) as a furniture and craft other furniture, often and widely used for building materials, quality stems under slightly down compared to the quality of teak trees, making the ecomomic value of a good, mahogany trees are often hunted for wood is hard and dense, very good material for furniture and other art materials.

In addition to the utilization of tree trunk bark is also used by the community to dye clothes, fabrics using staining by mahogany producee a dense yellow color and not easily fade. skin of the main trunk of mahogany containing a variety of secondary metabolites, including catechin, epicatechin, swietemakrofilanin, phenylpropanoid, saponins, terpenoids, flavonoids, alkaloids and tannins (Darminto, 2010).

Very sticky sap is also used as a shoulder glue, people who have jobs lure wild birds to use as an adhesive for trapping wild birds. Leaf mahogany long ago also used as animal feed, such as goats cows, etc.
It is very rich in natural Indonesia, so many plants that are close to human needs, trees grown for almost nothing left of the particularly tragic when illegal logging and better utilization still not sustainable in the absence of maintenance and renewal of planty.

There is still more to the mahogany, fruit and seeds of mahogany that has a bitter taste very bitter if we wanted to try, peel and seeds lick just above the top of the tongue actually tasted bitter response.

Behind the bitter taste found in mahogany seeds are so many compounds that can be utilized for the health of human bodies. Seeds of mahogany (Swietenia mahagoni Jacq) has a pharmacological effect antipyretic, anti-fungal, lowers high blood pressure (hypertension), diabetes (diabetes mellitus), lack of appetite, rheumatism, fever, colds, and eczema. Not only that mahogany seeds contain a variety of secondary metabolites, ie alkaloids, flavonoids, steroids, terpenoids, and saponins (Sian, 2001; Yenitta, et al., 1999)

Mahogany alkaloid content in seeds can change the order of the DNA chain in the cell nucleus. Flavonoids, saponins and steroids and terpenoids cause damage to the cell wall and cell membrane of bacteria. The antibacterial activity can inhibit the growth of bacteria and cause bacterial cell death (Katzung, 2004).

The content of nutrient contained in mahogany seeds are used as a cure for diabetes, many studies have proven in animal studies that the content of mahogany seeds can lower blood sugar levels. Society long ago is aware of the content of mahogany seeds which contai so many benefits. Of development in the agricultural area mahogany seeds are also used as a fertilizer with other herb extracts.

Health Benefits of Mahogany Tree
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RESEARCH RESULT that Prove the Health Benefits of Mahogany Tree:

1. Laurentia Mihardja

Researchers at the Center For Research and Development of Disease Control, NIHRD Has been conducting research mahogany seeds in lowering blood glucose in experimental animals. From the research results prove that the extract mahogany dose of 45 mg / 160 g BW after seven days showed significantly different results than the solvent and is no different from glikazide 7.2 mg / 200 g BW in lowering blood glucose in animal experiments.

2. King, Linghuat Lumban, University of North Sumatra

Doing research on the effects of ethanol extract mahogany seeds to decrease blood sugar levels of mice. From the research results prove that the ethanol extract mahogany seeds dose of 100 mg / kg and 50 mg / kg body weight was not significantly different to glibenclamide dose of 1 mg/kg in lowering blood sugar levels

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WORK MECHANISM Of Mahogany Fruit :

Saponins in mahogany lowering blood sugar, protein precipitate intestinal mucous membrane and form a layer that protects the intestine, thus inhibiting glucose intake and the rate of increase in blood glucose. Benefits and nutrient content in mahogany seeds is very beneficial for human health, since the first community has been using as an herbal remedy / herbal medicine, by directly ingesting mahogany seeds taken after mature / ripe fell from a tree, then peel the protective layer of chocolate. Then swallow directly the mahogany seeds.

But keep in mind traditional consumption levels of effectiveness must also have content, that need to be considered so that no unwanted overdose and side effects of the content of health benefits of mahogany tree.

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