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Oh My Gosh Here are The Amazing Benefits of Persimmon

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Health Benefits Of Persimmon
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Oh My Gosh Here are The Amazing Benefits of Persimmon - Persimmon is the fruit that is also called fruit leg. Some people may not be familiar with this fruit. The fruit has a scientific name Diospyros feet. This fruit comes from a tree that is small to medium in size approximately 15 meters. Fruit that are difficult to find this form of flattened round and rectangular are yellowish green to red. Persimmon Fruit Benefits for Diet

History of persimmon

Persimmon fruit originated in China and then spread to Japan in ancient times and then bred in the country Sakura. during the colonial era is the 1800s, the fruit was brought to southern Europe and the United States (California). In China and Japan, this fruit has a high enough price. In Indonesia, North Sumatra has been an exporter of persimmon to Singapore and now the area is planted fruit trees in West Java and East Java, high in the mountains.

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The content of persimmon

Persimmon be yellowish orange to reddish orange with a diameter of about 2-8 cm. In this fruit contains about 19.6% carbohydrate, 0.7% protein, potassium and vitamin A. In young persimmon fruit, there is a substance called tannin tannin-leg lead to racial astringent. Other content contained in this fruit is vitamin C, vitamin B6, fiber, copper, manganese, magnesium, phosphorus. There are also organic compounds among which catechins, betulinic acid, gallacotechins, Carotene.

Benefits of Persimmon Fruit

• Helps prevent cancer because it contains anti-cancer substances (vitamins C, A, catechin, gallocatechins) and free radicals that can cause damage to the organ systems.
• Boost immunity because it contains vitamin C (ascorbic acid) is high to meet approximately 80% of daily needs of the body.
• Helps reduce the risk of tumor development because it contains betulinic acid which is an anti-tumor compound that can reduce the size of the tumor and stop the development of cancerous tumors.
• Prevents aging as an anti-oxidant (vitamin A, beta-carotene, lutein, and lycopene cryptoxanthins). These substances can reduce oxidative stress and help reduce the signs of premature aging.
• Benefits of persimmon fruit to Prevent Alzheimer
• Improve the health of the eyes caused Zeaxanthin substances in the vitamin B complex proven to reduce cataracts, night blindness and macular degenari.
• Lowering high blood pressure as potassium which serves as a vasodilator, lowering blood pressure to improve blood flow, thereby reducing the strain the cardiovascular system.
• Prevent various kinds of heart disease.
• copper content can promote blood circulation, thereby increasing metabolism, energy and cell growth.
• Helps the healing of wounds.
• Curing asthma, productive cough, abdominal pain, diarrhea and dysentery.

Health Benefits Of Persimmon fro Diet
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Diet and persimmon

Nutrient content and high fiber contained in persimmon that has properties similar to apples, is one of the benefits of persimmon fruit for diet and recommended for consumption because this fruit can help to absorb lipids that lead to obesity. High in fiber, can make people who eat it will feel more full so that decreases appetite. This fruit can also help healthy digestion.

Although this fruit has many properties and is good for the body, things that must be considered when doing the diet with persimmon or eat the fruit can lower blood pressure significantly. Thus, in patients with low blood pressure, consumption of this fruit should be limited because it would lower the blood and can harm the body.

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The great benefits of beautiful Frutirose apple

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water rose apple health benefits
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Health Benefits of Rose Apples, Who does not know that the fruit is fresh and healthy? This plant is often grown in the garden home and also in some areas in Indonesia almost every home has a fruit crop, which functioned as an ornamental plant.

Such a thing is indeed not too surprising, because the water guava indeed come from southeast Asia and then spread widely in almost all corners of the archipelago.

The fruit is really easy to be found, its price is cheap, and can be consumed directly. Or sometimes there also are made as candied guava, combination salad, salad, and so on. Benefits water guava for Health And Beauty.

Water guava for Health Benefits

As in general that almost entirely, water guava has a water content in it. Not unless this water guava fruit. Benefits of water guava, water guava also has content that is sure to have benefits for the good of the body, one of which is water, calories, carbohydrates, protein, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, iron, zinc, sodium, copper, manganese, vitamin C, vitamin A, niacin, thiamin, as well as riblovon.

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Apparently many also the nutrients that are in this fruit? Then the water guava so what are the benefits of water guava? which can be enjoyed by the body? The following health benefits of water guava to the first is:

1. Prevent Dehydration

When we eat this water guava the benefits of water guava surely will get into your bofy, water released quite a lot. Because it is water guava has a fairly high water content, which is of 100 grams of water guava  fruit may have reached 93 percent of the content, so it's really fitting to avoid dehydration. The water content is abundant in water guava fruit is also good to protect the health of the kidneys and digestive and can add to the mood or happy those who eat them.

2. Increase Fertility

The possibility is still rare to hear that the water guava to protect and increase fertility for men. This benefits of water guava for man fertility is because water guava has vitamin C is known as antioxidants can protect the health of the cells of the body, including protecting the health of the sperm cells that have been damaged.

water rose apple health benefits Maintaining Eye Health

3. Maintaining Eye Health

After yesterday admin review about how to protect the health of the eye with some of the ingredients are natural, in fact there are other natural ingredients that can be used are water guava. Water guava also has vitamin A, which as we recognize together that vitamin A is a good vitamin that is really needed by the eye. When you feel tired or tired too long because activity on the computer, you can consume the fruit to get benefits of water guava for eye and make your eye healthier.

4. For Beauty Skin

Not only do we gain the health of the water guava is, in fact, these fruits can also bring beauty to those who eat them. This benefits of water guava for beauty is because that sort of thing because this fruit contains vitamin C. This vitamin is not only to protect the body against disease but known also to rejuvenate the skin from the inside.

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5. Preventing Diarrhea

Inhibiting as well as handle diarrhea with natural ingredients that are so familiar we usually are at about guava leaves. However, extracts of guava in fact, can also prevent the onset of diarrhea. Also of interest guava fruit can also be to lower the fever and heat in children.

A few articles about the benefits of water guava to admin describe, when you have suggestions as well as other articles, you can share here please add in the comments blog Thanks.

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Great Ashwagandha Benefits for Men

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Ashwagandha Benefits for Men
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Ashwagandha Benefits for Men  and Woman - Also known as Withania somnifera and Indian Ginseng, Ashwagandha is one of the most valuable herbs in the Ayurvedic medical system, dating back more than 3,000 years. The Sanskrit name Ashwagandha literally means 'that which has the smell of a horse', so named because it is said to give the strength and vitality of the horse. The specific ashwagandha health benefits for a variety of conditions including arthritic inflammation, anxiety, insomnia, respiratory disorders, neurological disorders, gynecological disorders, male infertility and impotence.

This is an herb that increases resistance to stress, increases stamina and promotes the general welfare. Many Western herbalists refer to this herb as "Ayurvedic ginseng" because of its reputation for increasing energy, strength, and stamina, and for its ability to relieve stress. Modern research has found several types of alkaloids in it that somniferin and withaniol responsible for some actions. The roots of Withania somnifera plant have been reported to have Alkaloids, Withanolides and many glycosides.

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According to Ayurvedic system, Ashwagandha is the best herb for balancing Vata in the body. Vata regulate all movement in the body, including the movement of nerve impulses throughout the nervous system. When the root is taken as a concoction of milk and sweetened with honey or raw sugar, is used to inhibit aging and build up strength by catalysing anabolic processes in the body.

Ashwagandha is also a proven immune-modulator, antioxidant and hormone precursor which tends to regulate important physiological functions. Research has shown that it can protect the activity of immune cells are exposed to chemicals that would otherwise inhibit their normal function.

Antitumor activity of Withania somnifera is known and that it also enhances the effects of radiation in chemotherapy

 Health Benefits of Ashwagandha

Like many people and research said, Ashwagandha is a plant that has many benefits for human health life. so, now i wanna share some benefits of ashwagandha:

Ashwagandha benefit for sexual weakness

Ashwagandha has an affinity for the reproductive system in both men and women. This is the main rejuvenative of masculine energy used in Ayurveda, improving the quality of reproductive tissues and increasing sexual potency. It has also been used to increase libido and potency, for it is said to provide to its vitality and strength of a horse.

Ashwagandha is often added in herbal supplements are reputed to increase sexual desire and function. Ashwagandha also helps women boost their desire to sex. Lama is considered the most potent sex-boosting plants India, women of this country have been used for years Ashwagandha to round their sex drive.

Ashwagandha Benefits For Stress
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Ashwagandha For Stress

Health Benefits of ashwagandha is considered as one of the best solutions for stress. While most adaptogens primarily work by helping the body to mobilize and maintain the physiological response to stress, Ashwagandha appears to work first and foremost by reducing stress-related excesses of the nervous system concerned. It increases the body's ability to maintain physical effort and helps the body adapt to various types of stress. It also has been reported to enhance mental function and memory. Acts to calm the mind and promote sound, restful sleep.

Ashwagandha as Anti-Inflammatory Agent

Ashwagandha is an adaptogen that contains several active phytochemicals known as glycowithanolides, which studies have shown to relax the smooth muscles. As a natural anti-inflammatory agent, ashwagandha can help reduce the discomfort associated with arthritis. Forty-two patients with osteoarthritis were randomly placed in two groups - one receiver ashwagandha, one a placebo. After three months, pain and disability were markedly decreased in the group ashwagandha.

Ashwagandha for Weak Memory

 Ashwagandha is rasayana medhya, helps improve mental ability and performance. It helps support memory and problem-solving skills and improve coordinated all aspects of brain function. It corrects loss of memory arising from long-term stress, disease and forced labor. A 2001 study in rodents showed ashwagandha benefit for brain are memory capabilities improve.

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Ashwagandha also be used for high blood pressure, as Immune-Modulator and antioxidants. Overall Ashwagandha is a promising herb in various fields.

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WoHoo Amazing Health Benefits of Mahogany Tree to Treat Diabetes

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Health Benefits of Mahogany Tree to Treat Diabetes
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Mahogany plants are annual plants that often we encoumter, this plant is unusual in planting roadside, a large annual plants and dense shade is often used to heat the street and as a city of green plants. This plant also grows wild in the forest-forest, orchards and anywhere.

Glance crossed mahogany is an annual plant commonplace as in other plants, teak, wood sengon etc. Trees that have become a comon sight in urban areas, and the areas that become traffic public / forests and plantations, Mahogany tree has so many benefits to treat diabetes.

Health Benefits of Mahogany Tree to Treat Diabetes

Company furniture has leveraged the quality of wood (trees) as a furniture and craft other furniture, often and widely used for building materials, quality stems under slightly down compared to the quality of teak trees, making the ecomomic value of a good, mahogany trees are often hunted for wood is hard and dense, very good material for furniture and other art materials.

In addition to the utilization of tree trunk bark is also used by the community to dye clothes, fabrics using staining by mahogany producee a dense yellow color and not easily fade. skin of the main trunk of mahogany containing a variety of secondary metabolites, including catechin, epicatechin, swietemakrofilanin, phenylpropanoid, saponins, terpenoids, flavonoids, alkaloids and tannins (Darminto, 2010).

Very sticky sap is also used as a shoulder glue, people who have jobs lure wild birds to use as an adhesive for trapping wild birds. Leaf mahogany long ago also used as animal feed, such as goats cows, etc.
It is very rich in natural Indonesia, so many plants that are close to human needs, trees grown for almost nothing left of the particularly tragic when illegal logging and better utilization still not sustainable in the absence of maintenance and renewal of planty.

There is still more to the mahogany, fruit and seeds of mahogany that has a bitter taste very bitter if we wanted to try, peel and seeds lick just above the top of the tongue actually tasted bitter response.

Behind the bitter taste found in mahogany seeds are so many compounds that can be utilized for the health of human bodies. Seeds of mahogany (Swietenia mahagoni Jacq) has a pharmacological effect antipyretic, anti-fungal, lowers high blood pressure (hypertension), diabetes (diabetes mellitus), lack of appetite, rheumatism, fever, colds, and eczema. Not only that mahogany seeds contain a variety of secondary metabolites, ie alkaloids, flavonoids, steroids, terpenoids, and saponins (Sian, 2001; Yenitta, et al., 1999)

Mahogany alkaloid content in seeds can change the order of the DNA chain in the cell nucleus. Flavonoids, saponins and steroids and terpenoids cause damage to the cell wall and cell membrane of bacteria. The antibacterial activity can inhibit the growth of bacteria and cause bacterial cell death (Katzung, 2004).

The content of nutrient contained in mahogany seeds are used as a cure for diabetes, many studies have proven in animal studies that the content of mahogany seeds can lower blood sugar levels. Society long ago is aware of the content of mahogany seeds which contai so many benefits. Of development in the agricultural area mahogany seeds are also used as a fertilizer with other herb extracts.

Health Benefits of Mahogany Tree
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RESEARCH RESULT that Prove the Health Benefits of Mahogany Tree:

1. Laurentia Mihardja

Researchers at the Center For Research and Development of Disease Control, NIHRD Has been conducting research mahogany seeds in lowering blood glucose in experimental animals. From the research results prove that the extract mahogany dose of 45 mg / 160 g BW after seven days showed significantly different results than the solvent and is no different from glikazide 7.2 mg / 200 g BW in lowering blood glucose in animal experiments.

2. King, Linghuat Lumban, University of North Sumatra

Doing research on the effects of ethanol extract mahogany seeds to decrease blood sugar levels of mice. From the research results prove that the ethanol extract mahogany seeds dose of 100 mg / kg and 50 mg / kg body weight was not significantly different to glibenclamide dose of 1 mg/kg in lowering blood sugar levels

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WORK MECHANISM Of Mahogany Fruit :

Saponins in mahogany lowering blood sugar, protein precipitate intestinal mucous membrane and form a layer that protects the intestine, thus inhibiting glucose intake and the rate of increase in blood glucose. Benefits and nutrient content in mahogany seeds is very beneficial for human health, since the first community has been using as an herbal remedy / herbal medicine, by directly ingesting mahogany seeds taken after mature / ripe fell from a tree, then peel the protective layer of chocolate. Then swallow directly the mahogany seeds.

But keep in mind traditional consumption levels of effectiveness must also have content, that need to be considered so that no unwanted overdose and side effects of the content of health benefits of mahogany tree.