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The great benefits of beautiful Frutirose apple

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water rose apple health benefits
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Health Benefits of Rose Apples, Who does not know that the fruit is fresh and healthy? This plant is often grown in the garden home and also in some areas in Indonesia almost every home has a fruit crop, which functioned as an ornamental plant.

Such a thing is indeed not too surprising, because the water guava indeed come from southeast Asia and then spread widely in almost all corners of the archipelago.

The fruit is really easy to be found, its price is cheap, and can be consumed directly. Or sometimes there also are made as candied guava, combination salad, salad, and so on. Benefits water guava for Health And Beauty.

Water guava for Health Benefits

As in general that almost entirely, water guava has a water content in it. Not unless this water guava fruit. Benefits of water guava, water guava also has content that is sure to have benefits for the good of the body, one of which is water, calories, carbohydrates, protein, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, iron, zinc, sodium, copper, manganese, vitamin C, vitamin A, niacin, thiamin, as well as riblovon.

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Apparently many also the nutrients that are in this fruit? Then the water guava so what are the benefits of water guava? which can be enjoyed by the body? The following health benefits of water guava to the first is:

1. Prevent Dehydration

When we eat this water guava the benefits of water guava surely will get into your bofy, water released quite a lot. Because it is water guava has a fairly high water content, which is of 100 grams of water guava  fruit may have reached 93 percent of the content, so it's really fitting to avoid dehydration. The water content is abundant in water guava fruit is also good to protect the health of the kidneys and digestive and can add to the mood or happy those who eat them.

2. Increase Fertility

The possibility is still rare to hear that the water guava to protect and increase fertility for men. This benefits of water guava for man fertility is because water guava has vitamin C is known as antioxidants can protect the health of the cells of the body, including protecting the health of the sperm cells that have been damaged.

water rose apple health benefits Maintaining Eye Health
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3. Maintaining Eye Health

After yesterday admin review about how to protect the health of the eye with some of the ingredients are natural, in fact there are other natural ingredients that can be used are water guava. Water guava also has vitamin A, which as we recognize together that vitamin A is a good vitamin that is really needed by the eye. When you feel tired or tired too long because activity on the computer, you can consume the fruit to get benefits of water guava for eye and make your eye healthier.

4. For Beauty Skin

Not only do we gain the health of the water guava is, in fact, these fruits can also bring beauty to those who eat them. This benefits of water guava for beauty is because that sort of thing because this fruit contains vitamin C. This vitamin is not only to protect the body against disease but known also to rejuvenate the skin from the inside.

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5. Preventing Diarrhea

Inhibiting as well as handle diarrhea with natural ingredients that are so familiar we usually are at about guava leaves. However, extracts of guava in fact, can also prevent the onset of diarrhea. Also of interest guava fruit can also be to lower the fever and heat in children.

A few articles about the benefits of water guava to admin describe, when you have suggestions as well as other articles, you can share here please add in the comments blog Thanks.

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