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pros and cons of shaving pubic area male

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what happens if you don't shave your pubic area
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8 Male Pubic Shear Hazard Until Depleted - On a grown man or teenager who has just entered puberty, growth of pubic fur is reasonable-just reasonable.

This indicates that some of the sexual hormone on the genitals have started active. Surely this is getting pubic fur today will be increasinglystretched as much as head of hair or armpit hairs.

What Happens if You Shave Your Pubic Area?

Then is it danger when trimming their pubic? The most appropriate answer is actually Yes it could and could not. Because of the dangers or whether pubic shear depending on how a guy shaving the fur.

In fact, pubic shear also has health benefits for letting pubic fur too for also not a good thing to do. Dangerous here is that whena man until his cock shear (bald) and did not caution, which means shaving in vain.

So dangerous, in fact in trimming their Pubic Shaving for men is in until exhausted(bald) and not careful (carelessly). Pubic fur that is medically also known as feather pubis has some hazards in shorn until exhausted (bald) and not careful (carelessly).

As for the dangers of male pubic shear (pubis) in this way, until exhausted (bald) and did not caution include:

1. Cause microscopic cuts

The incidence of microscopic scars is the first danger that can arise when shaving pubic fur. The intent of the microscopic wounds is a wound that will not be visible tothe vision.

This wound is small wounds appear on the skin in pubic places growing fur pubis. Although the wound was not visible are visible, but usually cause itching and painful when you're done doing epilation on pubic fur.

Because it is not visible to the eye is this so called microscopic, that can only be seen or appear to use props to see small things, such as a microscope.

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 pros and cons of shaving pubic area male
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2. Cause irritation

The second danger from trimming their pubic until exhausted (bald) and not careful (carelessly) for men is irritation. This irritation will occur on the pubic skin. The irritation can also arise due to microscopic wounds left because it does not appear in visible.

Such that the wound will be increasingly severe cause of occurrence of irritationon the skin pubic. The existence of this irritation became early indications the entry of germs and bacteria through the skin pubic could cause disease on the genitals.

3. easy entered the order of germs and bacteria

The danger that next was the entry of germs and bacteria through the pubic skin. The entry of germs and bacteria it happens because it's already enabled the pubic skin from the second-hand fur growing pubes and irritation arising on the pubic skin.

Such that germs and bacteria will be easier to enter the body through the penis andcause disease. The object that will be susceptible to the pubic itself is certainly because of there early entry of germs and bacteria.

4. Cause infection

The infection is also a danger that can arise due to trimming their Pubic Shaving for men, of course, what is meant is the epilation until exhausted (bald) and not careful (carelessly).

The emergence of this infection is the integration of the hazards already mentioned and explained above, namely microscopic wounds, irritations, and the entry of germs and bacteria.

In addition, the infection will be more easy to remember pubic organ is one of the sensitive areas of the body. So it's not surprising if the wound and not immediately carried out the treatment will cause the occurrence of an infection in the wound.

Infections that occur are susceptible to infection of herpes. This is expressed to Dr. Emily Gibson and some other American doctors as offered by the Daily Mail.

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should you shave your pubes guys
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5. The incidence of disease in pubic

The danger that this could be just the fifth appeared in danger in points 1 to 4 are not handled properly. Germs, bacteria, and infection of that appears will certainly be a factor in the early onset of the disease on the pubic.

As we know that a disease could be caused by germs, bacteria, and viruses. Similarly, with the germs and bacteriathat enter in the pubic portion, the germs and bacteria in the already long enough settles to happen an infection will certainly lead to the onset of the disease that attacks the pubic.

From some diseases that usually appear on the penis, one is a hernia. This diseasemay show up even though there are other factors that could have led to the emergence of a hernia on the genitals of men.

6. Reduce the warmth

Apart from the five hazards already mentioned and described above, the danger that this sixth prefer comfort in pubic. Pubic shear in excess in men could in fact reducethe warmth on gender (penis).

Because of the growing feathers the penis in men, one of them is beneficial to provide warmth on gender (penis). So when we carelesslyshaving pubic shear even until exhausted, then it will reduce the level of warmth given by pubic fur or feather pubis itself.

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the purpose of pubic hairs
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7. Enlarge the friction moment of sex

One of the other benefits besides providing warmth of pubic fur on gender is reduce friction moment of sex. Such that if a man is too much cock shear means it will enlarge the friction that occurs when the sex.

Although there is also a large friction argues that while sex will increase the level of stimulation, but it should be remembered that the pubic skin is one of the sensitive parts that are in the body.

Therefore, excessive friction on the pubic skin sensitive surely will also harm, one of which is causing injury. In other words the pubic fur that also serves as a protector on gender because it is one of the sensitive parts of the body.

8. The reduced expenditure of gathering place pheromone

A pheromone is a chemical that governs the behavior of sex in the human body. The place is usually made into the hive or collection of such chemical substances is spending feather pubes.

Therefore, if carelessly pubic shear means we have reduced spending from gathering place to pheromones, the chemicals that regulate sex behavior. When the collection points of dispensing chemicals is reduced, it is possible it will disrupt the behavior of sex on the body that acts as a controller and more.

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Thus some danger men pubic shear until it runs out and don't care. The true causes of pubic shear is recommended for health for letting pubic fur too long will allow also the venue place for germs and bacteria so that it is not good for health.

The point is that the pubic shear may-okay as long as it is done safely. For those of you who like to shave pubic fur because it looks excessive, please shave and don't forget to let at least 1 – 1.5 cm. cut properly so that it does not pose a danger as it has been mentioned and described above. Once again needs to be emphasized is the don't shear the pubic until exhausted (bald) and not careful (carelessly).
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