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9 How to remove Pimples with alcohol 70%

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Alcohol Effects on the Digestive System
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9 How to remove Pimples with alcohol 70% - Are you friendly with Acne? For those of you that often arise out of acne on the face, definitely cruel and want to remove it immediately. There are various types of acne and how to overcome it.

Have you ever had a stubborn acne? Maybe you've already tried all ways good herbal ingredients or medications for acne. When all the other ways you've traveled, you can try using alcohol to remove acne and mark are stubborn.

Alcohol is a chemical compound that is antibacterial, which serves as a powerful disinfectant compounds. Alcohol can be a way to remove acne in forehead, how to remove red acne scars, how to remove acne festering, how to remove acne scars are black, and more.alcoholic face before and after

Why is this so? The use of alcohol on the facial skin breakouts can be deadly infected bacteria that cause acne, namely Propionibacterium acnes, Staphylococcus epidermidis, and other acne-causing bacteria.

In addition to bacteria, alcohol can also be a deadly germ and some types of viruses so surely use of alcohol will make the clean face skin.

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How to get rid of acne with alcohol

Everything about Acne can be overcome with the use of alcohol. However, alcohol is flammable chemicals so that its use should be carefully. How do I safely use alcohol for facial breakouts?

1. Select the type of alcohol

Alcohol has a variety of concentrations and different types. For the skin on the face or as cleaners, alcohol is usually used with a concentration of 70% that is capable ofkilling bacteria.

If you want to buy alcohol 70%, it is recommended that bought at the pharmacy so that trusted source and its quality.

effects of alcohol on skin and aging
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2. prepare the cotton face

To use the alcohol 70% to the facial skin, do not use hand directly to applying the flesh, but use cotton face. Prepare the cotton is soft to the skin.

Cotton can absorb the alcohol and help skin cleansing with alcohol evenly and thoroughly.

3. Wash your face to clean

Wash your face to clean will help lower the bacterial infection in the face, therefore, it is worth before you use get used to wash face first.which alcoholic drink is good for skin

Thus, the work of alcohol 70%would be more lightweight and powerful

4. Pour the rubbing alcohol 70% cotton to face

If your facial skin is already dry and clean, then pour rubbing alcohol 70% to taste cotton into the face. Don't forget to close the bottle back because it can finally evaporate long exhausted.

5. Sweep soon cotton on to the face

Cotton face that there were alcohol 70% and then put to the skin of the facethoroughly, especially on the part of acne on the skin, acne scars, and flecks of blackspots on the face.

When cotton was already dry out, you can cast it back to 70% alcohol to a cotton swab and then immediately sweep.

When applying, you will feel the cold sensation in the skin due to the alcohol compounds come into contact with the skin.

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6. Let stand the face skin to dry out on its own

When it is finished, let stand for a few moments the face skin until it dries itself already feels. You don't need to rinse your face with water, for all alcohol on the surface of the face already yawning and faces you already clean from bacteria-bacteria that are on the face.

When you wash your face again, feared the bacteria from water towash your face will infect.effects of alcohol on skin and aging

Rubbing alcohol as masker
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7. use a facial moisturizing cream

The use of alcohol on the skin will cause dry skin due to alcohol are irritants. Therefore, it is advisable for you to use facial moisturizing cream if you routinely use alcohol as a way to remove acne. Moisturizing cream should be used at a different time with the use of alcohol.

8. The dose of usage

After alcohol consumption, the face will be clean, acne scars be it dries and will eventually Peel so lost is pimples on the face.

The use of alcohol for Acne on the face do not have special rules, which can be customized for Acne on the face of each.

Alcohol use 70% as much as 3 times a day on a regular basis will clear the acne on my face with acne scars and freckles.

9. Abstinence of consumption of certain foods and beverages

When you use alcohol as a way to get rid of acne, it's good there are abstinence eating food high in vitamin C or Ascorbic acid, such as for example in Mandarin.

Ascorbic acid can make the skin become allergies and acne arises on the face. In addition,the recommended food is fish, chicken, lemon and lime, as well as greenvegetables.benefits of alcohol for health

Side effects and dangers of alcohol to get rid of acne
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Side effects and dangers of alcohol to get rid of acne

Various facts about acne make us dizzy and confused to choose how to deal with it appropriately, fast, and secure. The following are some of the side effects of alcohol70% when you want to use it as an acne medication.

  • Alcohol 70% cannot be used for open wounds or skin that is sensitive and thin, likethe skin of the face. When your facial skin is thin, then 70% alcohol is an irritant to this can be dangerous. The use of alcohol on facial skin can kill the whole bacteria. Ifyour skin is sensitive, be careful because being more easily infected with bacteria from the outside.
  • 70% alcohol can cause dry skin and irritated skin, so that it can worsen the condition of the skin breakouts.alcoholic face before and after
  • 0% alcohol may be the cause of the emergence of blackish stains on the skin that is hard is lost.
  • 70% alcohol can clean the dirt in the face easily, but also potentially closing the pores of the skin so the skin becomes dry and prone to clean "while". If left, the skin will produce oil in large quantities to resolve a dry skin condition. Oily skin can potentially cause acne.

Well, after reading this article, you now know how to get rid of acne with alcohol along with the side effects and dangers.

The large number of uses of alcohol 70% for the skin can vary on each person. When your facial skin are many acne, use of alcohol 70% can be overcome in a fast and powerful.

But if it's just a little acne, avoid the use of recommended alcohol 70%. Hopefully it can become your consideration to decide the proper way in removing acne.

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